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Give second-hand clothing a second chance at love

Feb - May 2021


One Garbage Truck of Clothing is Landfilled or Incinerated


My Role
Product Designer, UX designer, Use researcher
User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, 3D modeling, Rendering, System Mapping

• Problem Statement

Second-hand clothing can come with a stigma. Many people think is not clean and a label of poverty. After I did some research and some interview with some people. I found that there is a misunderstanding. People think vintage is better than second-hand. But the truth is that vintage is still second-hand.

• Opportunity

In China, many people have a severe stigma about second-hand items. But recently, people luxury brand vintage started rising in the majority of the city.

• The Goal

Reduce the stigma around second-hand garments.


• Subject Matter Expert Interview (Primary Research)


• Secondary Research


• Summary

图层 0.png

Second-hand clothing can be classified into four categories. Each category represents a different type of organization where you can find second-hand clothes from various sources.

       I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I am designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was the young generation, age 18-35, who lives in China. 

       This user group confirmed the initial assumption about first-hand clothes, but research also revealed that they are also interested and potential in the second-hand clothes market. Other user problems included guilt, stigma, or shame that makes it challenging to access second-hand clothes.

• Pain Point

Pain Point.png
Sign of Poverty
The apparel is identified the financial status of the person. Second-hand clothes are recognized as a sign of poverty. 
Used clothes represent dirty, especially the garments from an unknown person.
The clothes have already been having a particular time of history are often not last long.

• User Journey Map

User map-01.jpg

• Ideation

Journey Map.png

• Goal Statement

The resells second-hand garments app will let users reduce the stigma around second-hand clothes which will affect users who don't know how to deal with used clothes without throwing them by letting users have an interesting shopping experience and seeing used clothes from a different perspective. We will measure effectiveness by tracking the new users and posted or orders of items through the app.

• Information Architecture

Information Architecture_画板 1.jpg

• Low Fidelity

Paper Low Fidelity

Digital Low Fidelity

屏幕截图 2022-01-29 233453.jpg
Group 21.png

Narrative Threads


Rounded Shop Sign Mockup.jpg
Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

THESIS DEFENSE version 2 2的副本.021.jpeg


Each item has a special tag, that allows people to uncover the stories behind each item using a QR code. Customers see with their ears, not their eyes to find the most valuable items with stories that make them want to give them a second chance at love.​

Free Round Product Tag Mockup PSD.png


A lot of people think they can't handle old fashion style, because they don't know how to match different looks. Therefore, the store uses a projector and clothing card to show people how to create modern looks with second-hand garments.

THESIS DEFENSE version 2 2的副本.024.jpeg


The new shopping experience is more about connections than material items, so the packaging is made of tissue paper to make the items feel like a gift from an old friend. In the store, any purchased items will be well taken care of, folded nicely and packed delicately to make every customer feel they are significant.


Normal fashion apps create categories for by the type of garment, ITELL creates clothing categories by the types of stories around them. Because the stories we remember are the ones filled with emotion, so ITELL is designed to make emotion the most important part of the shopping experience.

From my research and the products and experience I have created, I have found that second-hand clothing is a sustainable practice that gives clothes a second chance at love. Shopping does not have to be a guilty pleasure, if you are participating in the second-hand market. I will champion the pleasure of finding second-hand items by helping people choose the right pieces based on the stories that they love. Helping them go on a pleasure hunt!


Second solution 

Stigma to wearing second-hand clothes leaves China with 26 million tons of discarded garments, less than 1% of which is reused or recycled.

​Follow Problem

How to solve second-hand clothes that may not be perfect to sell?

new app different page.jpg

In order to eliminate the stigma of second-hand clothes, people begin to redesign and repurpose themselves.
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