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6 Million Tons of Single-Use Plastics Get Thrown Out Every Year! Here’s How You Can Stop This Waste


Product Designer

Length of Project:

3 months



How many times have you eaten out at a restaurant and been handed a plastic-wrapped packet of plastic utensils? Or you brought your lunch to work, but left your handy dandy metal utensils at home, so you’re forced use the plastic forks and knives from your office’s drawers?
Plastic forks, knives and spoons may be convenient, but they’re wreaking havoc on our oceans. In fact, six million tons of non-durable plastics are discarded every year. “Non-durable” means that the plastic has a useful life of less than three years.


How can we redesign the utensil of purpose? Let everyone cannot forget to use sustainable utensil.
Therefore, I designed a fork combine with accessories to make people carry their fork everyday.





How it works?

When the fork become bracelets, it makes people remind wear their fork everyday to match their everyday look.

Infinity Elevator Exhibition

The whole point of this exhibition is about build fear and awareness to people. 

To make individual realize how many plastic fork that they can throw in a week. And how many they can throw away in a month and a year.

Through the mirror, people can notice everyday routine have ability to become a disaster to the environment and global.



Elevator Exhibition

Building your fear


Using the can packaging to avoid customers feel and touch to know what kind of material or shape inside of packaging.

There are special packaging for membership customers.

Free Tin Can Mockup.jpg
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